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About us...

We are a family breeder located in Mauricie (Quebec, Canada). We raise only purebred solid color poodles. Our dogs live among us in the house and share our daily life. The females is farrowing in our living room and it is here that the puppies grow: among us. From day 1, they are handled by members of our family which includes 3 children. We pay special attention to our genetics and the temperament of our dogs. All our reproducer are tested against hereditary diseases, registered in the CKC.


Our puppies are sold sterilized with a non-breeding agreement and a 2-year health guarantee against hereditary diseases.

Proudly member of 

  • Canadien Kennel Club

  • Poodle Club of Canada

Élevage AMH - Caniche & Bedlington Terrier enregistré au Club Canin Canadien
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